Thursday, 28 January 2016

Magnus Chase and the Sword of Summer pdf

Magnus Chase and the Sword of Summer pdf

Magnus was born on January 13, 1995. When Magnus was six years old his mother and uncles got into an argument at Thanksgiving, while Magnus had no idea what the argument was about. He never saw his uncles or his cousin Annabeth Chase again.

When Magnus was eight, he and his mother went on a vacation to Mount Washington in New Hampshire where they hiked to the top and had a park ranger take their picture. When Magnus was ten, he cut his left palm on a hunting knife, which left a deep scar. At age twelve, he had his first kiss with a girl named Jackie Molotov, which happened behind the bleachers at a school dance. When Magnus was fourteen, his mother was murdered by several "wolves with glowing blue eyes" (sent by Fenris Wolf). Since then, he has been living on the streets. Magnus became friends with two homeless people: Hearth and Blitz, commonly known as his mother and father.

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